Smart Chemical Solutions: Dedicated To Safety & To You

At Smart Chemical Solutions (SCS), safety is more than a term we use to show we care about our employees and the environment. It’s the guiding principle of our company, our core purpose and an integral part of our founder’s vision.

SCS is committed to protecting the health and safety of every single person that sets foot in our facilities and on our sites. There’s a reason safety is our No. 1 rule. If our employees do not arrive home safely every night, then nothing else matters.

Our Safety Rule in Action

At SCS, we all work together to eliminate work-related injuries, illnesses and incidents by educating employees, improving safety processes and spreading awareness.

Safety is promoted at every level within our organization:

✔️ Employees are trained to practice safety in all aspects of their jobs. All employees have the authority to cease operations if they deem a job hazardous.

✔️ Employees are responsible for ensuring this safety program is developed, followed, and maintained.

✔️ Management observes established safe working procedures, practices the principles discussed in safety training, and is directly involved in providing input and suggestions to further safety efforts.

Our continued success depends upon safe practices both at work and in our personal lives. Our safety program supports management’s commitment to an overall safe and productive operation. Our focus is to constantly reinforce the aspects of our safety program for the continued safety of our employees, customers and contractors whom we work with every day.